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Video Conferencing

All our conferencing camera and mic/speakers offers USB plug-and-play connectivity compatible with any video conferencing platform such as Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, Webex, Microsoft Teams, Go-to-Meeting, Starleaf, and others. Enjoy your video conferencing time with our 4K resolution video camera up to 20x zoom set with professional wired/wireless microphone speaker

video conferencing
video conferencing

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Video conferencing has become an essential in all type of business operations. Professionals need to have quality equipment to conduct quality meetings.


Interactive Smartboard TV Panel from popular & quality brands such as Vivitek, Viewsonic, Samsung, Arvia, LG, BenQ. Capacitive or infrared touchscreens panel sizes of 55″, 65″, 70″, 75″, 86″ & 98″ allow for multi-drawing capabilities, enabling up to 32 touch points. 

Wireless Presentation System

Wireless presentation system designed to support highly interactive and collaborative meetings or classroom learning activities. Meeting participants, instructors, teachers and students can interact and share digital content via their PCs, tablets, Chromebooks and smartphones

What do you mean by video conferencing?

Video conferencing is the use of technology to allow people to communicate with each other over a video link. Typically, two or more people will use a video conference software program to connect to a video server and view the screen of their respective devices. This allows them to discuss issues or work on projects together, often from separate locations.

Which is an example of video conferencing?

A popular form of video conferencing is Google Meet. This service allows users to video call one another for free, and it is accessible from almost any device. Skype is another popular option, and it also offers free video calls. Other services, such as FaceTime and Facetime for iPhone, offer more features for a fee.

What is the best app for video conferencing?

Zoom, Skype for Business, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Cisco WebEx.

What are the advantages of video conferencing?

Improves communication, helps build relationships, saves money, saves time, streamlines collaboration, improves efficiency, increases productivity.

What is the advantage and disadvantage of video conference?

One advantage is the ability to see the other person’s face. This is helpful for understanding what the person is saying. Another advantage is that you can use video conference to show people documents, such as a contract, or to present information. However, video conference has several disadvantages, such as the need for a good internet connection and the possibility of disruptions in the connection.

What is needed for a video conference?

High-resolution camera, fast computer processing, sufficient network bandwidth, video conferencing system, video display screen, microphone and video conferencing software

What are the features of video conferencing?

Screen sharing, multiple webcam capabilities, VoIP, chat features, unlimited recording, HD video, branding features, dynamic presentation features.

What's the difference between teleconference and video conference?

Video conference involves audiovisual face-to-face communication, while teleconference only involves audio communication. You could use a teleconference for only one audio conference event, while a video conferencing can be used for large-scale programs.

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