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Professional-grade video walls solutions; video wall displays, IP-based KVM, modular matrix videowall controller, and compact video wall controller. Arvia Videowall solution is the leading technology in Malaysia which set a full mark for reliability, durability and an extensive product line-up that meets all our client needs. We have helped many organization to deploy from a simple/creative wall art designs to the most sophisticated video wall.


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Looking for a large display? Video Wall could be an answer to your need. There is a different type of video wall which may consist of several numbers of projectors, LED panel, and ultra-narrow bezel TV put together side by side and on top of each other to become a much larger screen. While normal TV screen can be stacked together, usually you would want to use a specialized TV screen with an Ultra Narrow bezel-to-bezel (screen border). In addition, since the video wall will be operating in a long duration, a more durable commercial display is preferred to avoid any downtime.

Latest laser projector with lifetime over 30,000 hours and brightness over 10,000 ANSI lumens with a proper projector screen can be used as a video wall too. Finally, you might be interested in the newest LED display which is borderless, higher brightness and longer lifetime. Video wall configuration is supported by a different type of videowall controller and dedicated video wall software.

We are Professional Videowall Solutions Provider offering complete videowall solution

Where do you plan to install your video wall?

Command & Control Center
Command & Control Center

You require a mission-critical video wall application for Data Center, Crisis Room, Disaster Control Center, Military Command Center, Traffic Command Center and more. Our IP-based Video wall offers all-in-one KVM solution for the most demanding situation. It provides seamless integration with IP-based CCTV Camera and other AV Controls system. You can have multiple video walls and our software is customization to work with PC or iPad to control what to be shown on the screen. A modular videowall matrix switcher is an alternative and economical solution too.

Meeting Room or Conference Hall
Meeting Room or Conference Hall

You need an effective method for sharing a piece of information or desktop from multiple sources in a collaborative manner. With a modular videowall matrix switcher and simple to use video wall software via PC or iPad, the administrator can choose to instantly share anyone’s desktop / presentations, review documents, or dial into their video conferencing system to collaborate with remote colleagues. You may consider LED Matrix video wall with a pitch size below 2.0

Corporate Lobby
Corporate Lobby

You are looking for a digital signage display showcasing company portfolio or activities. This is a more economical and simpler configuration and mainly used for combining multiple TV panel for a larger display. It can be used as a creative video wall with a minimal screen 1×2 configuration to more. A regular layout may use the built-in daisy-chain feature that comes with the Video wall LCD display or use a compact and more economical 4K compact video wall processor.

What is video wall?

A video wall is a large display that makes use of multiple screens to show a single video feed. It can be used for presentations, gaming, and other uses.

How does video wall work?

Video walls work by displaying a large number of small video screens, starting from a 55 inch display. Each screen displays a different video or image, and the wall can be controlled to move the screens around so that everyone in the room can see what they want.

How much does video wall cost?

For simple video walls, a basic 2x2 LCD unit, costing about RM20000 while more elaborate setups can be called for if you want to control mounting or interactive features. Videos can run as high as RM100000 if you’re taking a look at a systems with more interactive features including mounting hardware requirements.

Why do I need a video wall?

Reason for use of a video wall instead of a single large display may include the ability to customize the layout of tiles, a larger screen area per unit cost, and more pixel density per unit cost due to the expense of manufacturing singular screens which tend to be irregular in shape, size, and resolution.

How do I make video wall?

To make sure your design for your next video wall or mobile LED screen is aesthetically pleasing, check out these five best practices. First, get the aspect ratio right. Second, be aware of resolution, pixel density, and viewing distance. Third, use motion graphics. Fourth, keep it short and sweet. Fifth, use contrast.

What is a LED video wall?

An LED-wall or LED-video wall is a large LED display made up of light-emitting diodes that display video, photographic media, text, textual material, and other graphical artworks.

What size video wall do I need?

Sizing your video wall can be tricky, and there is no one right answer. Factors that you should consider include how many displays you will have, the space available, and your budget. A good rule of thumb is to calculate the square footage of each display, and multiply that number by the number of displays you want. For example, if you want four displays to be displayed on a wall, plan on using at least 8 square feet of space per display.

How long does video wall last?

Most LED Walls can take 5 to 10 years without significant weakness. By dampen it, transporting it in a vehicle, and setting it in a reasonably controlled building, your light may have a much longer lifespan.

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