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Online Learning Solutions

Interactive and collaborative online learning for hybrid or virtual classrooms, as part of our smart classroom.  Elevate your learning experience with our LMS platform, Arviaclass, designed for any level of learning level from kindergarden, highschool, higher learning as well as professional development.

online learning
online learning


Do you want to infuse convenience and simplicity into your classes? Want to make remote classes more fun and engaging? Our easy-to-operate classroom setup provides a loaded palette of tools to enhance your learning experience. Interactive whiteboards and the ability to share notes and screens in real-time encourages smooth communication and an engaging learning environment. The genuine ambiance of a functioning classroom has arrived online


Teaching and learning by integrating learning
technology, such as interactive display, computers, specialized software and audience
response technology, 

A virtual classroom is a digital replica of a traditional
classroom or training room. The instructors teach, and
the participants learn in real-time, face-to-face but via
internet-enabled technology devices.

Learning environment
which includes a mix of
students who are
present in the
physical classroom and
also participants joining
the class virtually.

Process of
producing video content. It is the equivalent
of filmmaking, but with images recorded

Future of Education

Coupled with other latest technologies, our Learning Management Platform (LMS), ArviaClass glued everything together to enables a full suite of functionality to ensure optimal student growth and a greater teaching experience.

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Various of our solutions have been recognized and successfully implemented in Malaysia since 2011. We emphasize quality products & services. With vast experiences in the industries and great project portfolios, we guarantee a cost-efficient solution according to your demands.