Video wall Implementation for ATT Tanjung Bin Sdn. Bhd, Johor

  • Skills:

    • videowall
  • Client:

    ATT Tanjung Bin

We are very proud to have completed succesfully and handed over the video wall project for ATT Tanjung Bin Sdn. Bhd at Jalan Kukup, Johor. Our client was looking for an easy way to control or change layout from 5 workstation PC as an input to 12 Arvia Videowall Display using IP based videowall controller. They using total of 25 input node, 20 KVM node (Keyboard+Video+Mouse) and 12 output node for their videowall system. We also supply server rack to organise all the workstation PC's, 2 POE switch and input node. Plus, All the input can be control via tablet or ipad.

About Videowall

There is a different type of video wall which may consist of several numbers of projectors, LED panel, and ultra-narrow bezel TV put together side by side and on top of each other to become a much larger screen. 

While normal TV screen can be stacked together, usually you would want to use a specialized TV screen with an Ultra Narrow bezel-to-bezel (screen border).  

The narrower the bezel, the better but more expensive. In addition, since the video wall will be operating in a long duration, a more durable commercial display is preferred to avoid any downtime.

Latest laser projector with lifetime over 30,000 hours and brightness over 10,000 ANSI lumens with a proper projector screen can be used as a video wall too.

Finally, you might be interested in the newest LED display which is borderless, higher brightness and longer lifetime. Video wall configuration is supported by a different type of videowall controller and dedicated video wall software.

IP Based Videowall Controller

IP Based KVM Videowall solution offers an option to system integrator, who prefer all-in-one control room KVM solution, What is more important, its built-in video wall controller perfectly supports LED wall too, this is verified by a lot of LED Display wall installation with some leading LED wall producer.

About ATB Tanjung Bin

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