Video Conferencing System for Idris Ibrahim & CO, Kuala Lumpur

  • Skills:

    • Video Conferencing
  • Client:

    Idris Ibrahim & CO

Thank you Idris Ibrahim & CO for trusting us to supply 2 unit Video Conferencing PTZ (Pan,Tilt,Zoom) camera and 2 unit of video conferencing microphone builtin with speaker.

About Video Conferencing System

Nowadays an increasing number of organizations are taking advantage of online video conferencing. The advance of camera technology and better internet access contribute greatly to this shift of usage of technology. The cost is the most economical and affordable for any organization from small to a large corporations. From simple devices such as personal smartphones to multi-camera PTZ video conferencing systems. Sometimes it's integrated into an interactive smartboard system as well as digital signage and as a result, the employee must be knowledgable in terms of its technicality and getting familiarize for these types of meetings. Of course, face-to-face is ideal but due to distance, travelling time, cost and traffic jams, the next best thing is definitely video conferencing. Video conferencing can save travel time and increase productivity, thus it has been increasingly changing the business world significantly.