Video Conferencing RBC Investor & Treasury Services

  • Client:

    Pico International (M) Sdn Bhd

Video Conferencing for RBC Investor & Treasury Services is powered by Israk Solutions Sdn. Bhd and working together with Pico International as our main event management on this video conferencing. We offer complete turnkey support options (in Malaysia only) for your Video Conferencing from video productions until the video ready for playback on your website. In video conferencing, they have 2 site, RBC Kuala Lumpur and RBC Cyberjaya. The video conferencing event have made perfectly and the client still smile until the event finish. Take advantage of IsrakStream latest video conferencing capabilities for the highest quality video conferencing online for your main event with our IsrakStream Live Encoder. Live Streaming preparation and setup almost similar to video on demand (VOD). Unline VOD, live streaming has audio and video source live and it's being transcoded on the fly. This is most probably done at site, where the event is taken place. Our Client are satisfied with the result which we did. Congratulation team ISRAK!!!