Touchscreen Monitor with Stand for Coca Cola Bottlers Sdn Bhd

  • Skills:

    • touchscreen monitor
  • Client:

    Coca Cola Sdn Bhd

Israk is proud to be appointed as a supplier of 6 units Touch Screen Monitor for Coca Cola Bottlers Sdn Bhd, Bandar Enstek Seremban. It's a 14" touch screen monitor with Infrared 10 points touch technology and modern Stand.

About Cola Coca Bottler Sdn Bhd

We first began selling Coca‑Cola® in 1886, when Dr John S Pemberton charged customers just five cents a bottle. Since then we’ve become the world’s leading soft drinks manufacturer with more than 700,000 employees and 500 brands. Atlanta is where you’ll find our head office for The Coca-Cola Company, but while our business is global in scale – we are a local company everywhere we operate, including Malaysia. Our employees include teams of scientists, marketers and sales people in more than 200 countries including Malaysia.