Touchscreen Floor Stand Kiosk for MCL Land Quinn Sdn Bhd, Wangsa Maju

  • Skills:

    • touchscreen
    • floor stand kiosk
  • Client:

    MCL Land Quinn Sdn Bhd

Israk is proud to be appointed as a supplier of 2 units Interactive Floor Standees for MCL LAND QUINN Sdn Bhd. It's a 49" touchscreen floor-standing monitor with Infrared 10points touch technology. The interactive kiosk is install with cloud-based digital signage and touch screen training is provided for the internal staff from the various department involved. 

About Floor Standing Kiosk

Our Floor Standing Touch Screen Kiosk (Vertical) provides both high quality commercial display and a luxurious housing come with tempered glass. The Floor Stand Multi-Touch Screen standalone product can also be used as Digital Signage. Brightness levels up to 700 nits, 10,000:1 dynamic contrast and Full HD 1080p.  It increases legibility and makes sure that it can be placed in even the brightest environments. A powerful integrated PC is used to provide LAN/WAN control of multiple displays, a Proprietary Digital Signage Program can also be used to allow you to access web-based server from any location.

About MCL Land Quinn Sdn Bhd

MCL Land is a leading residential developer that constantly innovates in the pursuit of excellence and dedicated to delivering superior customer satisfaction. We continually refine our ideas so they evolve into practical and smart home solutions. We also believe in creating long-term value for our homeowners – through spaces that not only enables them to connect with their loved ones, but also with others who live and play in the same community.