Thermal Imaging Thermometer for Penjara Kajang, Taman Sungai Jelok

  • 27 Apr, 2020
  • Skills:

    • Fever Screening
  • Client:

    Penjara Kajang

Thank you Penjara Kajang,Taman Sungai Jelok for trusting us to supply 1 unit of Thermal Imaging Thermometer for their prep uses in fighting Covid-19. The thermometer is set at prison entrance for scanning coming on duty officer and other in and out activities. The thermometer is using infrared with auto detect temperature wihout any contact to scan and will rise alarm if high temperature is detected.

About Thermal Imaging Thermometer

In response to the alarming Coronavirus pandemic worldwide, we have launched a non-contact thermal imaging intelligent temperature measurement system solution. Through the combination of surface temperature measurement and real-time thermal images, the body surface temperature can be detected, which can be quickly and safely screened if the temperature is abnormal, take measures quickly from multiple people to prevent the fever from flowing. This equipment if installed and configured correctly is very accurate (for fever detection system), durable to use, easy to install and work, can be flexibly controlled, reducing personnel investment. Additionally, in the case of a large number of people, rapid detection and screening can also be performed.