Samsung 65" Smartboard Key Features

Robust, all-in-one E-boards that feature enhanced touch technology and UHD picture quality

- Heightened touch functionality for a smooth and versatile digital writing experience

- Intuitive interface for quick access to screen mirroring and real-time notation saving

- Working Screen function that enables users to toggle between multiple screens

- Distinct content clarity through advanced UHD picture quality

Revitalize Productive Collaboration

QBH-TR e-boards/smartboard offer a versatile, all-in-one arena for improved collaboration. Enhanced touch technology, the intuitive MagicIWB S5 solution and UHD picture quality come together to boost productivity and collaboration by facilitating engaging, efficient interaction.

Samsung Interactive Smartboard

Enhance Touch, Enhance Capacity

Leverage heightened touch functionality for a smooth and versatile digital writing experience. Up to four users can write simultaneously using the provided pen or virtually any other tool.

Samsung Interactive Smartboard

Elevate Collaboration Quality

The embedded Interactive Whiteboard MagicIWB S5 solution facilitates discussion management and organization with an intuitive interface for quick access to vital collaborative functionalities such as screen mirroring and real-time notation saving.

Samsung Interactive Smartboard

Switch Sources Seamlessly

Through the Working Screen function, users can quickly switch between multiple screens, such as the whiteboard, internet browser and connected input sources, with just a few touches.

Samsung Interactive Smartboard

Retrieve and Control Content Remotely

Pull and edit content on remote laptops directly through the central screen utilizing touch functionality. The powerful Knox system secures the Remote Workspace connection to protect against information leakage and meddling.

Samsung Interactive Smartboard

Connect with Convenience
Each e-board / Smart board offers a wide range of connections including HDMI, DVI-D, DP and USB ports, where users can load, share and revise content directly from their personal devices.
Samsung Interactive Smartboard

Amplify Visual Presentation

Bring collaborative ideas to life through advanced UHD picture quality. Through ultra-high resolution, ensure all notations and introduced content are clear and legible for every participant.

Samsung Interactive Smartboard


Maintain Organization with Style

Drive more organized collaboration with a sleek, sophisticated design. The magnetic side pen holder and frontal connection ports keep needed functions within reach, without the mess.

Samsung Interactive Smartboard