NovoTouch Interactive Smartboard



In order to address today’s collaborative meetings, NovoTouch Interactive Smartboard is equipped with Vivitek’s award-winning NovoConnect — a next-generation system for wireless presentation and collaboration, capable of connecting up to 64 users simultaneously and displaying 4 sources at once. NovoTouch is designed to make classrooms, business meetings and corporate presentations to a new level of collaboration and interaction. The presenter can wirelessly interact and share digital content with attendees — and vice versa — via their PCs, tablets or other portable devices in a clutter-free, dynamic environment that promotes increased productivity and comprehension, while encouraging teamwork. Furthermore, a suite of moderation and on-screen annotation functions enable leaders to control and direct the flow of their meetings in real-time.

Vivitek Novotouch Smartboard

Vivitek NovoPro


NovoTouch interactive smartboard provides meeting participants a convenient way to share, compare and collaborate with one another, in a conference room or the classroom, using one-click management. moderation and On-screen annotation function keeps you in control of the meeting and collaborate in real-time manner. The presentation and collaboration management software provide a meeting host (or the teacher) with the following functions: Connect up to 64 users Four members can present on the screen using a quad-split screen One-click control over who displays Presenter screen preview Secured meeting login Moderator Poll/vote feature that measures audience comprehension.



Eye-catching from a distance and gorgeously detailed up-close, Vivitek's NovoTouch collaborative smartboard displays use the latest technology to achieve unmatched vibrancy, readability, and performance in any environment. Available in Ultra HD 4K resolution, NovoTouch utilizes LED backlight technology to provide over 30,000 hours of low energy consumption. NovoTouch boasts high contrast ratios, fast response times, 178° viewing angles, and an anti-glare surface that delivers impressive screen visibility and readability even in high ambient light environments.

Vivitek Smartboard

Vivitek Novotouch Smartboard



NovoTouch provides a powerful and versatile focal point for meetings, conferences, or classrooms with interactive functionalities capable of supporting up to twenty points of touch, perfect for easily manipulating content. Designed from the ground-up to foster collaboration, NovoTouch uses common gesture recognition and easy-to-use annotation tools to allow up to 10 users to simultaneously write on-screen using their fingers, stylus or included interactive pens. Digitally mark-up documents and then instantly share over a wireless connection for a natural flow state of communication.



Securely and discreetly housed in an easy-access control panel, Vivitek’s NovoTouch offers complete connectivity with a multitude of ports including HDMl 2.0, VGA, and USB. This design focus on connectivity enables NovoTouch to support multiple digital sources simultaneously. NovoTouch also comes network-ready for RJ45 integration and system administration to support convenient and hassle-free networked management.

Vivitek Novotouch Smartboard

Vivitek Novotouch Smartboard



NovoTouch is compatible with dual and ultra-secure networks, enabling it to support separate and parallel wired and wireless connections. This feature is especially useful for facilitating seamless switching from Corporate-to-Guest and Faculty-to-Student network access. IOS/ANDROID FULL MIRRORING Whether you’re showcasing the user experience of an app or providing technical instruction, NovoTouch’s screen mirroring of any device enables users to discuss, share, and collaborate completely cable-free.



For applications that demand additional power and functionality, NovoTouch can be expanded with an optional Windows PC module. Easily integrated into Vivitek’s display OPS slot, this optional module makes NovoTouch a fully-featured, compact, all-in-one PC with a Windows OS for ease of use and stability. Complete with an Intel Core i5 processor and integrated graphics card, a USB 3.0 port, and a HDMI 1.4a output port. And thanks to the module being discreetly hidden on the rear side of the display, it can be safely deployed in highly trafficked public locations.
Vivitek Novotouch Smartboard

Vivitek Novotouch Smartboard



NovoTouch can also be enhanced with the integration of the optional LauncherPlus module. Sleek, discreet, and incredibly easy-to-use, the plug-n-play utility of LauncherPlus provides even further control over wireless presentations from the convenience of your tabletop.



Much like the rest of Vivitek's product lines, the design of NovoTouch Smartboard is strengthened by Vivitek's commitment to eco-conscious manufacturing and green initiatives. In addition to being ENERGY STAR-compliant across the board, NovoTouch uses mercury-free LED backlighting and robust On, Sleep, and Off Modes for additional energy efficiency.

Vivitek Novotouch Smartboard
Vivitek Novotouch Smartboard


To accommodate use environments of all dimensions and configurations, NovoTouch is available in 75", 86", and 98" models, all of which boast a Native UHD 4K (3,840 x 2,160) resolution.