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For More Intuitive, Effortless and Smarter Corporate Presentations

Smartboard or E-Board is the next generation of Interactive whiteboard (IWB) style where a projector is not required, designed with touch capability and integrated software. The touch technology used could be a capacitive or IR touchscreen fitted from the factory. The touch screens allow for multi-drawing capabilities, enabling up to 20 touch points. Everyone can share and collaborate easily with simple to use a wireless solution. The screen sizes carry by Israk, varies from 55", 65", 75", 86" and 98" from different popular brands. The weight could be quite heavy as the size gets bigger, but the capacitive model such as from Arvia Smartboard Series is slimmer than other brands. We do offer different designs of Smartboard TV Mobile Stand with wheel caster for mobility.

This all-in-one, a large LCD interactive panel is equipped with either Android, Tizen or Windows Operating system (or dual OS). In addition, an integrated smartboard software is provided by the manufacturer such as ScreenNote, MyViewBoard, EZWrite or MagicIWB. Smartboard software offers efficient and collaborative meetings, presentation or discussion via touch such as handwriting recognition, opens a wide range of files, save meeting results and progress can be saved in .pdf or .png format and shared via email or tap-and-write annotation and simple color switching and many more features.


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Transform your conference room into
a true collaborative space

NovoTouch is a powerful team collaboration solution that’s ideal for conference rooms, meeting areas and corporate lobbies. Equipped with Vivitek’s NovoConnect, a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) collaboration technology, NovoTouch offers an advanced approach to group work in an all-in-one display. Featuring digital annotation and wireless capabilities, NovoTouch seamlessly connects users to one display, using technology that allows ideas to flow naturally.

  • Engage: 20 points multitouch, gesture interactivity and on-screen annotation. 
  • Connect: Up to 64 devices can connect, and 4 screen display simulteneously.
  • Collaborate: Share ideas, increase  productivity and drive innovation.
  • Inspire: Side-by-side collaboration on one large display.
  • Create: Take notes or emphasize things in real time.


Novotouch Smartboard


Interactive Smartboard Demo


Corporate Collaboration: Effective Meetings Wherever, Whenever

Interactive smartboard   Interactive smartboard  Interactive smartboard  Interactive smartboard 

We offer innovative interactive Smartboard for inspirational communication and collaboration. Designed for modern offices, our smartboard offer best-in-class tools for interactive meetings without external PCs. Intelligent smartboard software includes tools for presentation, collaboration, annotation, and follow-up that can stimulate seamless group discussion, interaction, and effective idea-sharing. With up to 20-point simultaneous multi-touch capability, the smartboard can engage more participants simultaneously for ideas, collaboration, and better results.

Tap into Interactive Learning with Unlimited Possibilities for 21st Century Education.

Interactive smartboard  smart board  smart board  smart board

Improve students’ attitude towards interactive learning environment from K12 education to higher education level. Smartboard from Israk aims to help teachers deliver messages in the most impactful way, allowing young and adult students to expand their knowledge and learn new things in a fun and easy way. With responsive multi-touch capability, teachers can easily initiate interactive learning and explore dynamic possibilities by inviting students to co-create artwork, participate in team activities and more. For true collaborative learning, the smartboard empowers teachers to trigger interaction and touch-enhanced interactive learning in no time and significantly enhance learning outcomes. Israk has a complete solution to build your interactive learning environment. Contact us for consultation.



A new way to engage and interact with big data visualization

The easy and affordable collaboration solution, Our smartboard solution creates an interactive environment for a fluid exchange of ideas with many great features. Starts your exploration today.




20-point Touch Screen 4K-UHD Resolution: users can manipulate content with up to 20-points of touch, common gesture interactivity and on-screen annotation.



Think differently during group work with side-by-side collaboration on one large display.



Up to 64 devices can wirelessly connect, and four members can share content on the display simultaneously.



Interact with content directly on the display to take notes or emphasize things in real time.



Effortlessly integrate content into discussions to share ideas, increase productivity and drive innovation. Install applications directly from the Google Playstore, to personalize the NovoTouch environment


Productivity Tools

Improved compatibility with productivity tools including Microsoft Office applications, PDF documents, and many others.



Corporate users will also appreciate the enhanced AES-256 encryption, combined with the AirWatch MDM Agent App.


Centralized Management

Enhanced Centralized Management functionality enables settings to be changed locally or remotely for added user convenience.