Rotatable Floor Stand Kiosk for Pejabat Mufti Wilayah Persekutuan, Labuan

  • Skills:

    • Rotatable Floorstand Kiosk
    • digital signage
  • Client:

    Pejabat Mufti

Israk is proud to be appointed again as a supplier of 1 unit Rotatable Floor Standee Touchscreen Kiosk for Pejabat Mufti Wilayah Persekutuan Labuan. Its a 49" Rotatable Floor standee model FLR101-W with 10 point capasitive screen technology with. The kiosk is running  android operating system with Digital Signage Solution.

About Floor Standing Kiosk

Our Floor Standing Touch Screen Kiosk (Vertical) provides both high quality commercial display and a luxurious housing come with tempered glass. The Floor Stand Multi-Touch Screen standalone product can also be used as Digital Signage. Brightness levels up to 700 nits, 10,000:1 dynamic contrast and Full HD 1080p.  It increases legibility and makes sure that it can be placed in even the brightest environments. A powerful integrated PC is used to provide LAN/WAN control of multiple displays, a Proprietary Digital Signage Program can also be used to allow you to access web-based server from any location.

About Pejabat Mufti

The Federal Territory Mufti Office was formerly part of the Federal Territory Islamic Religious Department (JAWI). At that time, the Federal Territory Mufti was the head of a section known as the "Territorial Division". On October 1, 1998, the division was separated from the JAWI structure following the restructuring of the Public Service Department's structure, Operations Development Division. At the beginning of its operations, this office consisted of only 6 members.

From 2000, all administrative and financial affairs of the office were fully managed by this office with the receipt of the allocation of management from the Prime Minister's Department. On March 3, 2004, the Federal Territory Mufti Office of the Labuan branch was established. The Labuan branch Mufti Office operates at the Federal Territory of Labuan Federal Reserve.