Monetary Policy 2.0 Live Streaming at Sasana Kijang, Bank Negara Malaysia

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    Bank Negara Malaysia

On 24 July 2017, Bank Negara Malaysia organised a Monetary Policy Conference with the theme “Monetary Policy 2.0?”. The conference aimed to provide a platform for a robust exchange of views on the contemporary and future monetary policy approaches and frameworks. The one-day event was attended by 158 participants comprising central bankers, academics, and economists from multilateral institutions, the Government, think tanks and the private sector. Israk have provide Live Streaming Solution for their event for easy other members to watch the launch via mobile or website. We offer complete turnkey support options (in Malaysia only) for your live event streaming from video productions until the video ready for playback on your website. Take advantage of IsrakStream latest live streaming capabilities for the highest quality live streaming online for your main event with our IsrakStream Live Encoder. Live Streaming preparation and setup almost similar to video on demand (VOD). Unline VOD, live streaming has audio and video source live and it's being transcoded on the fly. This is most probably done at site, where the event is taken place. The event perfectly finish without any problem.  GO Team ISRAK!!!

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