Lagismooth - High Definition (HD) Video On Demand (VOD) Streaming

    Lagismooth is our High Definition (HD) Video On Demand (VOD) Streaming. It is based on IsrakSTREAM, an Online Video streaming software that leverages on matured open source platform. It is highly extendable, flexible and allows you to retain more control. Our framework promises and delivers the impossible: a rapid pace of innovation and a robust infrastructure that is at the same time easy to adopt, adapt, and modify, and affordable to deploy and operate.

    Lagismooth contains High Definition videos such as The Bigbuck, The Elephant Dream and few other movie trailers. It employs adaptive streaming technology called IIS Smooth Streaming by Microsoft which enables uninterrupted streaming to Silverlight and other clients via HTTP, up to true HD (1080p). The quality level for each user seamlessly shifts as needed to adapt to changing bandwidth and playback conditions. That is why, when you are viewing demo videos from Lagismooth, it very unlikely you will be experiencing buffering time like any other video site such as Youtube, Vimeo or If your bandwidth is good, you will be served by a higher quality video with higher bitrate, but if your bandwidth is lower and reduced from very good to bad (overtime), the video quality will be adjusted accordingly. Varying video quality for the best user experience. Isn't that smooth ?

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