Floor Stand Touchscreen Kiosk for Mahsing Group, Kuala Lumpur | Software Training

  • Skills:

    • Floorstand Kiosk
    • Touchscreen kiosk
    • digital signage
  • Client:

    Mahsing Group

Software training for the employee of MAHSING GROUP on how to use the signage software that they request for the 21 unit 49" Inch kiosk. Our Floor Standing Touch Screen Kiosk (Vertical) provides both high quality commercial display and a luxurious housing come with tempered glass. The Floor Stand Multi-Touch Screen standalone product can also be used as Digital Signage. Brightness levels up to 700 nits, 10,000:1 dynamic contrast and Full HD 1080p.  It increases legibility and makes sure that it can be placed in even the brightest environments. A powerful integrated PC is used to provide LAN/WAN control of multiple displays, a Proprietary Digital Signage Program can also be used to allow you to access web-based server from any location.

About Mahsing Group

At Mah Sing, we believe that excellence is achieved by upholding the basic principles that our company is built upon. These statements are at the very core of everything that we do and are what will continue to set our course for the future as a company.

We’re immensely proud of the journey that Mah Sing has embarked on; from our humble beginnings as a plastics trading firm in 1965 to a company that thrives in the property and lifestyle development industry today and all the changes and growths in between. Here’s a selection of memorable achievements that will continue to serve as benchmarks for future accomplishments.