Digital Signage Software - Bahasa Melayu

This is the heart of our digital signage solution. You can create, design, schedule, broadcast, manage clients and users. The only Digital Signage Software one in the world that support Malay language !

Ability to have different Design Template Screen Layout can be express freely (the Max is 8 splits) Supports various LCD from 10"to 108"PDP and CRT Supports LED

Ability to Schedule Daily, weekly, monthly schedule, schedule selection system Ability to Broadcasting

Ability to Broadcasting Broadcast Manager transforms client manager by group or individually registered on broadcasted object pre-listed schedule. Emergency broadcasting, scheduled broadcasting, broadcasting with USB memory, broadcasting immediately

Centralized server and client system and multi manger Support remote controlling client, using network (play, stop, system restart, system off) Monitoring the status of client display remotely Remote update client program Emergency text message spot schedule. Multi manager can control different area at different places

User - Ability to control the people for accessing the system. Manager registration & limit control and registration multimanager