Digital Signage at Royal Malaysia Police, Kuala Lumpur

  • Skills:

    • digital signage
  • Client:

    Royal Malaysia Police

Thank you for trusting Israk Solutions to provide 14 units of Media Player that come with digital signage software for our client at Royal Malaysia Police, Kuala Lumpur. They also buy 9 unit of 43'inch LG Display and 3 unit of 32'inch for their signage display.

Digital Signage is the new trend and new solution in Malaysia. These cutting edge communication networks allow you to create and deliver timely, targeted messages that inform, educate and motivate your audiences without your budget taking a painful hit. Talk to us to learn more about Digital Signage. We are MSC-Status company who embrace this technology by providing latest trend, powerful digital signage software and hardware such as digital signage player as well as complete services for your digital signage deployment. Our team of highly skilled professionals is able to introduce innovative ways for businesses to communicate with their intended audiences for a variety of purposes including informing, educating, entertaining and selling.

About Royal Malaysia Police

The Royal Malaysian Police consists of 137,574 senior police officers, subordinate police officers and civil servants. This membership reflects the variety of assignments carried out by the PDRM, from the General Task Force to the traditional task of policing and always side by side with the people, to the General Operations Team carrying out non-regulatory tasks such as preventing illegal entry of migrants and war on terrorist attacks communist once.
In implementing the trust and responsibilities of the people, the PDRM is assisted by a support group comprising of Additional Police, Police Volunteers, Assistance Police, Police Cadets and civil servants. This group plays an important role in ensuring the safety and well-being of the nation.