43" Interactive Signage

Grab Eyes and Empower Shoppers with Interactive Signage
In today’s world, interacting with touch content has become second nature. Shoppers want signage that’s intuitive, reactive, and engaging. When used as a gateway to a retailer’s offerings, interactive signage becomes the ultimate tool for triggering customer participation. BenQ’s IL430 interactive signage, fully compatible with X-Sign content management software and built with cutting-edge hardware, are the all-in-one solution for operators looking to invite shoppers on an interactive journey.

Why BenQ Interactive Signage?

● Flawless portrait and landscape installation     

● Multiple sizes available to suit any display need       

● Continuous interactivity with 24/7 operation

● Elegant thin and lightweight design

● Fully compatible with X-Sign content management suite

   - Create fluid interactive content with built-in interactive templates

   - Track and analyze customer interaction

   - Schedule and deploy interactive content within seconds

   - Monitor and control remote devices in real time


Compelling Interactive Content Made to Connect with Shoppers

BenQ’s Android-powered IL430 interactive signage are fully compatible with BenQ’s exclusive X-Sign content management software. Meticulously designed for simplicity, X-Sign gives users the power to create, schedule, distribute, and monitor interactive content all in one place. And because it requires no server setup and offers multiple content-delivery options, X-Sign is ready to scale up alongside a growing business while requiring minimal manpower and resources.

Triple-Layered Interactive Templates

Create Interactive Content for Extensive Product Lines

The intuitive interface allows users to instantly create triple-layered interactive content, streamlining the process of designing and arranging cover pages, product overviews and detailed product information pages.



The Category Generator feature can automatically generate a subpage using user-imported images, while logically arranged, professional templates ensure creating stunning content is as easy as choosing the appropriate text format and color.


Area Link Tool

Create Interactive Content Quickly and Flexibly

In cases when operators have limited material to work with, area linking offers designers greater flexibility while avoiding unnecessary complexity.


Track Touch Engagement with Centralized Data Collection

Engagement can be tracked based on time, location, and which items customers interact with. By outputting this data to a csv file, operators can quantify their customers’ shopping preferences in tables and charts. With analytics it’s possible to see which messages are captivating shoppers and use this knowledge to develop even more engaging content.


Streamlined Content Distribution

X-Sign gives operators perfect control of when and where they want to implement digital signage displays. Built to support retail store environments both large and small, X-Sign offers different methods of content distribution so operators can relay interactive content locally or across a network of BenQ displays:


Centralized Management of Multiple Locations and Displays

Network Distribution via the Cloud

After all displays are connected to the internet, X-Sign’s cloud-based calendar-view web interface allows operators to manage them all remotely from anywhere. 


One-Stop Management of All In-Store Displays

Local Delivery via LAN

By connecting both a PC and the interactive signage to the same LAN network, operators can distribute content for shoppers to interact with.


Simple Single-Display Management


Plug and Play with USB Flash Drive

Operators without a network can save scheduled content to a USB flash drive and plug it into the interactive signage for playback. 


Hassle-Free Content Management and Monitoring

Administrator Management and User Hierarchy  

With X-Sign’s powerful management tools, administrators can: 

  • Review all changes in content before it goes live. 
  • Set up multiple user accounts with varying degrees of access and track issues though the activity log. 


Centralized Remote Device Monitoring and Display Control 

X-Sign’s intuitive tree map interface makes it easy to: 

  • Monitor display performance in real-time.
  • Control functions such as screen on/off, mute and restart, and manage updates.
  • See what content is playing on which displays.
  • Receive alberts when content isn't broadcast as scheduled.


Ensure Smooth Operation with Hassle-Free Display Management


(Multiple Display Administrator)

Operators can remotely control display on/off time or backlight via LAN or RS232. 

DMS 1.0 

(Display Management System)

Install Android™ apps for a selection of displays through BenQ’s cloud server.


(Over-the-Air) Update

Keep all display drivers up-to-date with easy firmware update.

Keypad/Touchscreen Locking

Protect content from accidental touches by disabling the touchscreen and keypad.